How to Save Money for A House

Saving money is everyone’s goal, yet most fail to achieve it. If you struggle to fatten thy purse, here are practical ways to save for a house.

Housing cost accounts for 34.9 percent of the total annual expenditure in 2020, a 2.1 percent increase compared to the previous year.


Perform a Spending Habit Check

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The first step of determining a cash flow leak is to inspect your purchase history.


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If you are looking to buy a home, you should already know how much you can afford.


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Impulse buying has to stop completely. Compare me with your nagging mother, but you can’t afford to spend money on things that don’t make sense.

A great real estate agent will not save you money directly, but s/he will provide you professional advice that will save your time.

I know you’re excited about buying a house and want to get ready for a new bed, furniture, and appliances but let me stop you there for a while.

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