How to Make Money as a Teen: Here Are 15 of the Best Ways


Start them young is a phrase we often hear from our elders, it is actually a practice that can teach teenagers the importance of hard work. Find out the different ways for teenagers to earn money.

You have two directions you  can take when exploring opportunities to make extra cash. You can look for a part-time job that pays you by the hour or look for something more entrepreneurial.

1. Lawn and Landscaping Services Creating a lawn care business can be an excellent opportunity to make money as a teen. The lawn care business scales up as you can buy better equipment.

2. Offer Babysitting Services Babysitting can be a great gig for making money as a teen. Most people looking for babysitting services typically look for a sitter when school is not in session.

3. Pet Sitting If you love animals, pet sitting is an excellent option for earning money as a teen. You can watch a family pet while they go on vacation and make some extra money.

4. Manage Social Media Accounts The assumption is that teens are great with social media and understand the nuances of each platform.

5. Referee or Umpire If you participate in sports, becoming a referee or umpire can be a great gig to earn money as a teen.

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