How Much Cash Can You Fly With Before the Feds Come Knocking

When traveling on a domestic flight within the United States, there are no limits to how much cash you can carry.

A large wad of cash may attract questions from the Transport Security Administration at the passenger screening area, but a quick proof of ownership may be sufficient to let you off the legal hook.

If you are wondering how much cash can you fly with for international travel, we have you covered.

Your first step is to research the currency of the country you want to visit. This will help you understand how much cash you can carry and the regulations of your destination country.

When asked how much cash you are flying with at the airport, there is no substitute for telling the truth, as lying could get you in trouble.

Suspicion is often the precursor to questioning. If authorities feel that you are clumsy or hiding something in your luggage, they may ask that you step aside for interrogation.