Herb Kent Net Worth– The Chicago Radio Legend

Neither a bird nor a plane soared the radio airwaves; it was none other than The Cool Gent, Herb Kent, Find out the net worth of the famous legendary DJ in Chicago.

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He set the record as the longest-running DJ in radio history, a career he held onto since he was a teen.

Kent was given a number of prestigious awards and recognition for his dedication to his work and for becoming such a legendary influence for many young DJs to follow.

Herb Kent net worth is estimated at $3M, and still making millions after his passing in 2016 at the age of 88.

Kent also became a radio personality at WBEE Radio in the early 1950s. He coined the term “dusty records” to reference outdated rhythm and blues songs, collecting dust in the groves of old records.

Herb Kent was also referred to as The Cool Gent. According to the author of Chicago Soul and writer mainly on soul and rhythm and blues music, and on sports.

Herb Kent had no specific or favored music playlist, but he did leave his fans decades worth of recordings while he was on air playing music.

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