Greg Sestero Net Worth 2022: Triumph Of A Disaster Artist

Do you want to know Greg Sestero Net Worth? Find out who he is, why he’s one of the best selling author in his generation.

Who is  Greg Sestero?

Greg Sestero an American actor and author best known for his role as Mark in the 2003 cult film The Room, as well as for his well-received memoir The Disaster Artist.

Greg Sestero net worth is estimated at around $800 thousand for the current year. Sestero is blessed with a steady career as an actor, producer, and writer.

Greg Sestero  Net Worth 2022

Greg Sestero's Acting Career

Sestero’s career track is somewhat similar to Tim Poole, an actor who never runs out of gigs because of his natural charm and talent.

Greg Sestero's Writing Career

Sestero’s once wrote a screenplay and sent it to 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, and Hughes Entertainment. 

Where did the movie "The Room" go wrong

The film gained notoriety for all the wrong reasons; the problems ranged from poor production to terrible acting.

How much of The Disaster Artist was true?

The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made, is a memoir authored by Sestero. 

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