Frankie Lons Net Worth: What happened to American Actress Frankie Lons?

Are you a fan of Keyshia Cole? Then you've probably heard about her mother Frankie Lons. In this post, you will learn about the actress from Dr. Drew and how much did she earn.

Frankie Lons net worth was 1 million dollars. She was an actress who generated most of her income from amazing shows such as ‘Dr. Drew’ and ‘Frankie and Neffe.’

She became even more famous after appearing in her daughter’s show called Keyshia Cole: the way it is. Her net worth increased drastically after her appearance in shows prior to her death.

Frankie was a strong woman who never cared about public opinions and lived her life according to her rules. She was born on 18th July 1960 in Oakland, California.

Frankie Lons had a really difficult early life. Her acting career was not good enough to make her a millionaire, and her substance dependence made the whole situation even worse.

Frankie Lons was married to an American boxing coach known as Virgil Hunter. However, Virgil Hunter denies Keyshia as his daughter.

Frankie Lons was a great actress of her time, but her career was a mix of ups and downs. Her life was quite disturbed due to her drug addiction.