Elon Musk Net Worth: $267.3 Billion – Behind the Undeniable Wealth

For an entrepreneur who made his first billion in 2012, Musk’s fortune now far exceeds. Discover how he did it and how much his overall net worth.

The Technoking’s background and early accomplishments have been plastered all over the news and the world wide web to feed the public’s fascination with Musk’s rise to fame.

Elon Musk was born to a wealthy family in 1971. His father was a successful engineer who also co-owned a Zambian emerald mine.

When Elon was a much younger boy, doctors suggested that his adenoids be removed. For those who don’t know, the unnatural growth of the gland in children can cause deafness.

Young Elon’s slow to zero response towards other people was because his mind was constantly flooded with ideas and had always been on overdrive.

By 1994, Elon held two internships at Silicon Valley in Northern California. One was at the Pinnacle Research Institute, a startup facility researching ways to store energy more effectively.

Elon, his younger brother Kimbal, and Greg Kouri started a software company called Zip2. With the help of Angel Investors, the Musk brothers and Kouri founded Global Link Information Network.

How Much is Elon Musk Net Worth? Elon Musk net worth is $267.3 billion as of the current year.

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