David Grutman Net Worth: The Secret King of Miami Nightlife

How did one young man become a dominating figure in the industry of hospitality and entertainment? Read more about the King of Miami Nightlife and David Grutman net worth.

David Grutman would often joke around about being the best-looking guy in town, but he never forgot that he was once the chubby young man who could barely get a gig as a bartender in South Beach.

David Grutman was born on 3rd July 1974 in Naples, Florida. Despite his popularity, Grutman is wise to keep his personal life away from social media.

After college, David bargained for a year off with his parents to try some stuff that interests him, and at the top of his list was bartending.

From then on, Grutman took his experience as a low-level employee and carried it as a learning experience that he used to educate and connect with the people who worked with him.

David Grutman finished a degree in Finance at the University of Florida.  David struck on his own in 2008 by opening his first establishment, the now world-famous LIV nightclub.

David Grutman net worth is around 50 million dollars. His success is rooted in David’s desire to be the perfect host to everyone who steps into his establishment.

Get to know  the secret king of Miami Nightlife David Grutman