How To Choose a Cat Water Fountain for Your Picky Cats

A cat water fountain can be one of the best combatants for dehydration in cats.

Dehydration in cats is rare but not something you can ignore. If a cat becomes dehydrated, it can suffer serious health problems similar to those in humans

Dehydration Health Issues

It’s essential to note cats don’t need to drink high volumes of water to stay hydrated. Experts say 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water per 5lb of body weight is enough.

Dietary Impact

A cat water fountain is a small flowing water source for cats. It stays oxygenated, continuously refreshed as it bubbles.

Oxygenation of Water

Cat water fountains are manufactured using different materials, with three primary options – ceramic, metal, and plastic.

Water Fountain Material

Fountains will typically have at least a basic filter to capture fur and other debris that falls into the fountain bowl.

Filtered Freshness

Premium cat water fountains are better – they use pumps with a low noise level, so when switched on, there may only be a gentle hum in the background

Noise Problems