Best Henry Fonda Movies According to Data

When Henry Fonda died in 1982, The New York Times called him “one of the most celebrated and enduring American performers,” an epitaph the actor more than deserved. 

Born in Nebraska in 1905, Fonda began acting at the age of 20, but his big breakthrough didn’t come until 1934 when he won a role in the Broadway show “The Farmer Takes a Wife.”

#50. The Moon’s Our Home (1936) In “The Moon’s Our Home,” Anthony Amberton (Fonda) and Cherry Chester (Margaret Sullavan) meet by chance in New York City and get married on a whim.

#49. Rings on Her Fingers (1942) Variety called “Rings on Her Fingers,” a movie about a family of swindlers that mistake Fonda’s character for a wealthy businessman and ideal target.

#48. Immortal Sergeant (1943) Just before production began on “Immortal Sergeant,” Fonda enrolled in the Navy, making it the last film he’d work on until the end of World War II.

#47. The Male Animal (1942) In “The Male Animal,” Fonda plays a college professor fighting against censorship and for the affection of his wife, who’s being wooed by a football player.

#46. The Return of Frank James (1940) The sequel to “Jesse James,” “The Return of Frank James” follows Frank (Fonda) as he attempts to avenge his cowboy brother’s death.