Best Countries  To Live In that Won’t Break Your Budget

As you search for a place to move to or relocate, make sure you have everything ready. Using a specific set of criteria, here is a list of some of the best countries to live in.

As a country filled with beautiful scenery, Switzerland ranks as one of the best countries. The surrounding Alps offer opportunities to ski and snowboard.

Taiwan has been ranked in the top 3 safest countries globally, competing with Iceland and Denmark for years for safe countries.

Canada receives some of the highest marks from U.S. News and World Report for economic and political stability. U.S. News ranks Canada as the best country to live in based on the quality of life.

Portugal offers opportunities for investors and business people. Their healthcare is one of the top selections for expats with affordability, and their culture is well-loved.

Considered one of the healthiest countries, Australia boasts about being active through various sports activities.

When searching for a country to relocate to, you cannot overlook Costa Rica. The motto of Costa Rica is “Pura Vida,” meaning “Pure Life.” Costa Ricans live by this philosophy.

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