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Automatic Litter Box Revolution: The Top 5 This Year

Dealing with kitty litter can be the bane of a cat owner’s existence. However, owners have more options now  than ever.

Best Automatic Litter Box Choices

It offers significant improvements over earlier models thanks to its QuietSift cleaning cycle and the excellent OdorTrap feature, which minimizes smells.

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Litter-Robot 4

It offers excellent convenience, reasonable odor control, and the option to monitor your cat’s toilet habits via the Whisker app.

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Litter-Robot 3 Connect

It uses an advanced rake with an accordion-style lifter to drop the waste into the box once the lid is automatically opened.

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Popur X5

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop is an open-air automatic litter tray that uses a rake to push clumped litter and solid waste into a sealed  waste bin.

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Pet Zone Smart Scoop

It has a covered compartment that uses a gentle rake to push used litter into a sealed waste compartment, where a gel deodorizer (replaceable) helps to neutralize smells.

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Lavviebot S