25 Iconic Outfits in Grammys History

With all the awards and all the buzz, the Grammys has become host to a who’s who of important celebrities and a wonderful capsule of popular fashion at the time.

Presenting the iconic outfits in Grammy's history.

Janet Jackson, 1993

The singer wore an all-white, double-breasted pantsuit paired with a white hair wrap and  silver jewelry.

The King of Pop wore a stunning sequined suit jacket with straight black pants and sparkling shoes, paired with his trademark lone white glove that was similarly bejeweled.

Michael Jackson, 1984

Jennifer Lopez, 2000

The dress itself is a floor-length Versace piece constructed of a sheer green fabric with a jungle-inspired print, but the real star is the plunging neckline that goes all the way to J.Lo’s belly button.

Prince’s outfit deserves some buzz, as the musician took the stage in an all-orange, all-sequined outfit complete with a silver cane.

Prince, 2015

Rihanna, 2015

The dress features the iconic empire waist shape, wherein the waistline of the dress falls under the bust instead of at the waist, noticeable in many period pieces due to its popularity in the  Regency era.

Grande’s first look of the night was a Cinderella-esque custom couture gown who created a voluminous layered tulle skirt in various shades of gray with matching gloves.

Ariana Grande, 2020