Best Jobs For 15 Year Olds: Make Money Before Graduating

Is your 15-year-old desperate for a job? Maybe they’d like some extra money to go out with friends or buy new clothes and the latest video games? Here are Jobs for 15 years old.

Before diving into the job ideas, it’s worth addressing the legalities surrounding younger teens’ employment. Basically, as a minor, the job openings you can apply for are somewhat limited.

In the name of fair workplace practices, this important set of child labor laws and statutes sets strict limits to where, when, and for how long you can work.

How Much Do Jobs for 15 Year Old Pay? It’s hard to give a definitive answer to this question. Like most things, it depends! Although you’re unlikely to get anything like $20 an hour

Babysitting is a classic job for teenagers that can be lucrative and rewarding. What’s more- it’s usually straightforward to get started.

Some people are born entrepreneurs. Others learn the ropes over time. Whichever category your child falls into, don’t make the mistake of thinking business is only for adults.

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