And Just Like That, a Look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s Net Worth

Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth is impressive. She is an American actress and television producer starring in decades of hit movies and television shows. Additionally, she’s a well-known fashionista.

Parker dated a couple of big-name actors along the way, including Nicholas Cage and Robert Downey Jr. However, she found love and married fellow actor Matthew Broderick in 1997. The couple celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in May 2022.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Net Worth

Sarah Jessica Parker net worth
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Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth estimate is 200 million dollars. That is a $50 million increase from the 2021 report of $150 million.

How Did Sarah Jessica Parker Earn Her Net Worth?

Two-time Primetime Emmy award-winning actress Sarah Jessica Parker is best known for her Carrie Bradshaw role on HBO’s Sex and the City.

So it’s no surprise that her Carrie Bradshaw persona is her most lucrative endeavor and has allowed her further success with two SATC movies.

Also, she’s reprised her role for HBO’s SATC reboot, And Just Like That. So far, Carrie Bradshaw has earned SJP three Screen Actor’s Guild and six Golden Globe Awards.

HBO Series and Production

Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City cast
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As previously stated, Sex and the City is Sarah Jessica Parker’s most significant television success. It aired for six seasons and co-starred Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis.

It follows four women navigating dating life in New York City. While the first three seasons of SATC‘s salary are unknown, the estimate is roughly $50 million for the 46 episodes.

Although, that figure jumped to $3.2 million per episode after she became the producer of seasons four through six of SATC. Forty-six episodes earned her $147 million from the final three seasons.

SJP is the highest-paid actor in television history regarding salary per episode. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are considerably behind at $2 million per episode on Good Morning America.

Alternatively, Sarah Jessica Parker is the executive producer and lead in HBO’s TV series Divorce. She earned an estimated $275,000 per episode.

So for 24 episodes, SJP brought home roughly $6 million. The show aired three seasons before announcing it would not return for season four.

However, for the SATC reboot, And Just Like That, Parker reportedly made $1 million per episode. Its success added $10 million to Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth. As a result, HBO Max’s And Just Like That renewed for a second season.

Sarah Jessica Parker Films

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
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Sarah Jessica Parker is also a movie star. She starred in two Sex and the City movies. Reportedly, she earned $15 million for the first and $20 million for the second Sex and the City movie.

While the exact salary is unknown per film, her silver screen Hollywood success contributes to Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth. She has worked with several prominent actors, including Steve Martin, in the hilarious film L.A. Story (1991).

Additionally, she’s starred alongside Diane Keaton in two hit films, The First Wives Club (1996) and The Family Stone (2005). Notably, she starred alongside Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy, Failure to Launch (2006).

She’s been in hit films, including Footloose (1984), Honeymoon in Vegas (1992), Hocus Pocus (1993), and the critically acclaimed film Ed Wood (1994) alongside Johnny Depp.

Sarah Jessica Parker also was part of a large ensemble cast in the romantic comedy New Year’s Eve (2011). Her co-stars included Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, Sarah Paulson, Katherine Heigl, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jessica Biel.

The film grossed $142 million worldwide. Also, the highly-anticipated sequel Hocus Pocus 2 will release on Disney+ in September 2022.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fragrances

A luxurious line of fragrances adds to Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth. She began her fragrance endeavor in 2005 with the release of Lovely.

However, it’s evolved into several perfumes, including Born Lovely, Lovely You, Covet, SJP NYC, and SJP NYC Crush. Additionally, she branched her Lovely Collection out to incorporate three more scents Dawn, Endless, and Twilight.

We don’t know how much she makes from her perfumes each year. However, according to Forbes, she earned $18 million from her fragrances in 2010. So we can only assume with a more defined line that she’s bringing in considerably more.

SJP Collection

It’s no secret that SJP is a fashion mogul dripping in couture, much like her Carrie Bradshaw character in SATC. For example, when she hosted the 2000 MTV Music Awards, she wore 14 different outfits!

In 2014, she started a footwear line at Nordstrom’s called SJP. It’s a fantastic line of glamorous open toes, bridal and high heels, and boot fashions.

The following year, she partnered with Walmart’s new line of Jordache jeans. Furthermore, she launched her ready-to-wear bridal fashion line with Gilt’s online shopping in 2018. Sarah Jessica Parker has her own online store.

It features several collections of shoes, fragrances, accessories, and gifts. In addition, you can get SJP’s signature little black dress. So you can release your Carrie Bradshaw fashionista for the retail price of $395.

Invivo X SJP

Sarah Jessica Parker is also a wine connoisseur. In 2019, she collaborated with New Zealand Winery Invivo & Co to produce Invivo X SJP. Her wine is available in some online retailers.

Additionally, it’s available in 40 states and is a global success. Invivo X SJP is adding to her net worth in South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, and several European countries.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Brand Endorsements

Over the last four decades, several brand endorsements added to Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth. She promoted Garnier Nutrisse hair products in 2003.

The following year she reportedly signed a $38 million contract with Gap through 2005. Additionally, she’s endorsed Amazon Fashion and Net-a-Porter. In 2019, she promoted Stella Artois during a Super Bowl ad.

How Does Sarah Jessica Parker Spend Her Money?

Sarah Jessica Parker
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Surprisingly, Sarah Jessica Parker informed the UK Daily Mail, “I can be profligate and super–frugal. I have such a weird relationship with money.”

SJP grew up without money and is “terrified of being broke.” Parker admits to keeping all of the available clothes she wore in Sex And The City. Additionally, she saves money by only buying her son second-hand clothing.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s real estate

In 2016, Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, purchased a West Village townhouse comprised of two townhomes for $34.5 million. They are renovating it to become one larger house.

In 2020, they flipped their Manhattan home for $15 million, which is $12 million more than they paid.

However, the Greenwich Village property they purchased to flip only sold for $18.25 million in 2015. They paid $19 million in 2011 for the property. So they took a $745,000 loss.

Charities and causes

Sarah Jessica Parker
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SJP has served as the UNICEF Ambassador for over two decades. Additionally, she helped launch the Tap Project, which provides clean water to impoverished children. Furthermore, she raised awareness for UNICEF’s HIV Test Kit for mothers.

While the dollar amounts are unknown, Sarah Jessica Parker has financially contributed to at least 17 charities. SJP also serves as the Vice-chairman of the board of directors for the New York City Ballet.

In Summary

SJP is a fashionista, savvy businesswoman, charitable board woman, actress, and movie producer. She’s married to Matthew Broderick and has three children.

Her family resides in a West Village townhouse in New York City. In addition, she’s actively starring in And Just Like That on HBO Max. Sarah Jessica Parker has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

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