25 Great Films to Teach Kids About the Environment

25 Great Films to Teach Kids About the Environment

  Climate change and environmental disasters are tough subjects to broach with children. But they have become unavoidable topics as we continue facing environmental crises every day, and headlines swarm our newsfeeds warning of global warming’s impact. However, there is a way to start conversations with children about our relationship with nature, hopefully leading to … Read more

Highest-Grossing Actors Under the Age of 30

Highest-Grossing Actors Under the Age of 30

Becoming a successful actor is a long shot at best, and parlaying that career into high-grossing box office stats seems like an impossible dream. But plenty of young movie stars have done just that, establishing themselves as next-level echelons in the film industry and making their mark long before they hit their mid-life years. To … Read more

20 Celebrity Chefs’ Signature Dishes

Celebrity Chefs' Signature Dishes

Feeling hungry? Learn about the signature dishes famous chefs have become known for—ones that made our mouths water, built travel itineraries around for a taste, and even dared to make at home to impress our loved ones. Stacker compiled a list of 20 celebrated chefs from around the world—Michelin star recipients, James Beard Award winners, … Read more

20 Failed Celebrity Business Ideas

Failed Celebrity Business Ideas

From Jessica Alba’s compostable baby wipes to Mark Wahlberg’s contribution to the casual burger scene, celebrities have successfully brought us some of the most seemingly unrelated goods and services. For every celebrity venture that proves the influence of star power, however, there are several more celebrity business ideas that just stop shining. Brands often use … Read more

15 Popular Celebrity Homes on YouTube

Celebrity Homes on YouTube

The private lives of celebrities fascinate the general public. Their personal styles and influence impact trends from popular culture to hairstyles. And when it comes to how these high-profile figures really live, many jump at the opportunity to glimpse into their realities via their often glamorous abodes. Every home showcases its owner’s styles, interests, and … Read more

10 Brands You Might Not Know Were Founded By Celebrities

Founded By Celebrities

Nowadays, celebrities are made not just in blockbuster movies but also on reality television shows and viral videos. As their stature has grown in modern culture, so, too, has their power to sway consumer choices—a power some have chosen to exercise by being entrepreneurs themselves and thus finding more stability in their financial futures. Rihanna, … Read more

Richest Race Car Drivers

Richest Race Car Drivers

On August 30, 1867, what is believed to be the first documented automobile race took place in Manchester, England. Two drivers steered their road steam carriages over an 8-mile countryside course, excited about pushing the boundaries of self-powered vehicles (but wary of attracting the attention of authorities). By the late 19th century, officially sanctioned and … Read more

Oscar Best Picture Winner From The Year You Were Born

Oscar Best Picture Winner

The Academy Awards turn 94 in 2023, making the show a little more than a year older than Clint Eastwood (if you can believe it). Like Eastwood, the prestigious awards ceremony has seen it all by now. Over decades, the Oscar has been handed out to an X-rated movie (“Midnight Cowboy”), four actors who didn’t … Read more